Planned Giving Website Asset Forms

FreeWill is excited to work with {PartnerName} to build a best-in-class planned giving website.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • The website customization process consists of five forms. You may complete the forms in any order.
  • Select “Save as Draft” at any point to save your progress. Saving as a draft will generate a new link which you will have to save in order to access the draft later.
  • Document or image uploads will not save with a draft. Only upload assets once you are ready to submit the form.
  • You may share the form or draft link with other team members. However, it is important that only one person work on the form at a time, otherwise your inputs may be overwritten.

Before you begin

Use the planned giving customization guide to gather the information and assets you’ll need to complete each form.

Download guide

Customization forms